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Roller Number Song Name Composer Adapted By Music file Description
15 Antioch     15.mp3 Reproduction. The tune to "Joy to the World."
32 Hark the Herald Angels Sing     32.mp3 Reproduction
40 Dennis     40.mp3 Reproduction. Blest Be The Tie That Binds.
48 Webb     48.mp3 Reproduction. Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
59 Portuguese Hymn     59.mp3 Reproduction. O Come, All Ye Faithful.
117 Boccherini Minuet     117.mp3 Reproduction
155 The Beautiful Blue Danube     155.mp3 Reproduction
226 Bring Back My Bonnie to Me     226.mp3 Reproduction
250 Jingle Bells     250.mp3 Reproduction
255 Rock-a-Bye Baby     255.mp3 Reproduction
272 Grandfather’s Clock     272.mp3 Reproduction
282 There is a Tavern in the Town     282.mp3 Reproduction
432 Chop-Sticks Waltz     432.mp3 Reproduction
433 The Flying Trapeze     433.mp3 Reproduction
577 The High School Cadets March     577.mp3 Reproduction
676 Jetzt singt und seid Fröhlich     676.mp3 Reproduction. Now Sing and be Glad--German
742 Silent Night     742.mp3 Reproduction
1010 Daisy Bell     1010.mp3 Reproduction
1027 Daddy Wouldn't buy Me a Bow-Wow     1027.mp3 Reproduction
1028 Oh! Mr. Porter     1028.mp3 Reproduction
1038 The Sidewalks of New York     1038.mp3 Reproduction
1050 I Don’t want to Play in Your Yard     1050.mp3 Reproduction
1054 The Honeymoon March     1054.mp3 Reproduction
1083 Hot Time in the Old Town     1083.mp3 Reproduction
1107 Georgia Campmeeting     1107.mp3 Reproduction
1115 Eli Green’s Cakewalk     1115.mp3 Reproduction
1116 Whistling Rufus     1116.mp3 Reproduction
1121 Narcissus     1121.mp3 Reproduction
1132 Creole Belles     1132.mp3 Reproduction
1138 Bill Bailey     1138.mp3 Reproduction
1139 Hiawatha (Two Step)     1139.mp3 Reproduction
1142 Coochi Coochi     1142.mp3 Reproduction
1145 In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree     1145.mp3 Reproduction
1146 Lindy     1146.mp3 Reproduction
1152 Silver Heels     1152.mp3 Reproduction
1157 How Would You like to Spoon with Me     1157.mp3 Reproduction
1161 You're a Grand Old Flag     1161.mp3 Reproduction
1166 Waiting at the Church     1166.mp3 Reproduction
1173 Red Wing     1173.mp3 Reproduction
1175 Original Rags     1175.mp3 Reproduction
1179 Shine on, Harvest Moon     1179.mp3 Reproduction
1183 Red Rose Rag     1183.mp3 Reproduction
1184 Casey Jones     1184.mp3 Reproduction
1187 Alexander's Rag Time Band     1187.mp3 Reproduction
1188 Oh, You Beautiful Doll     1188.mp3 Reproduction
1198 School Days     1198.mp3 Reproduction
1209 Humoreske     1209.mp3 Reproduction
1227 Moonlight Bay     1227.mp3 Reproduction
1228 When You Wore a Tulip     1228.mp3 Reproduction
1232 Are You From Dixie     1232.mp3 Reproduction
1236 Memories     1236.mp3 Reproduction
1248 Whispering     1248.mp3 Reproduction
1250 Let the Rest of the World Go By     1250.mp3 Reproduction
1259 Peggy O’Neil     1259.mp3 Reproduction
1264 Nobody's Baby     1264.mp3 Reproduction
1278 Leave Me With a Smile     1278.mp3 Reproduction
1279 Wabash Blues     1279.mp3 Reproduction
1287 The World is Waiting for the Sunrise     1287.mp3 Reproduction
1294 Call Me Back Pal O' Mine     1294.mp3 Reproduction
1296 Linger Awhile     1296.mp3 Reproduction
5001 I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover Mort Dixon, Harry Woods   5001.mp3  
5002 O Holy Night Adolphe Charles Adam   5002.mp3 Thanks to www.mysheetmusic.com for permission to use the source arrangement.
5003 Bye, Bye, Blackbird Ray Henderson   5003.mp3  
5004 Over the Rainbow Harold Arlen   5004.mp3 From the Wizard of Oz.
5005 When You Wish Upon a Star N. Washington, L. Harline   5005.mp3  
5006 Bridge Over Troubled Waters Paul Simon   5006.mp3  
5007 Scarborough Fair     5007.mp3  
5008 The Entertainer Scott Joplin Jessie Moore 5008.mp3  
5009 Seventy-Six Trombones Meridith Wilson Jessie Moore 5009.mp3  
5010 You Can’t Be True Dear Hans Otten, Ken Griffin Jessie Moore 5010.mp3  
5011 Fascination F.D. Marchetti Jessie Moore 5011.mp3  
5012 Stars and Stripes Forever John Philip Sousa Wayne Holton 5012.mp3 Very lively and full adaptation. Tune up your roller organ for this one!
5013 Beer Barrel Polka L Brown, W. A. Timm, J. Vejvoda, V. Zeman Wayne Holton 5013.mp3  
5014 Ragtime Jim A. Fred Phillips Harald Mueller 5014.mp3  
5015 The Entertainer Scott Joplin Harald Mueller 5015.mp3  
5016 That Toddlin’ Town (Chicago) Fred Fisher   5016.mp3  
5017 Santa Claus is Coming to Town J. Fred Coots, Haven Gillespie Wayne Holton 5017.mp3  
5018 Frosty the Snowman S. Nelson, J. Rollins Wayne Holton 5018.mp3  
5019 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Johnny Marks Wayne Holton 5019.mp3  
5020 Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin Harald Mueller 5020.mp3 Plays best on the Concert Roller organ.
5021 Pomp And Circumstance (March #1) Elgar Harald Mueller 5021.mp3  
5022 God Save the Queen   Harald Mueller 5022.mp3 Plays best on the Concert Roller organ.
5023 Syncopated Clock Leroy Anderson   5023.mp3 Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc and so on…
5024 She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain     5024.mp3 Complete with “Toot toot” train whistle. Thanks to www.mysheetmusic.com for permission to use source arrangement.
5025 Palm Leaf Rag Scott Joplin Harald Mueller 5025.mp3  
5026 Peacherine Rag Scott Joplin Harald Mueller 5026.mp3  
5027 Weeping Willow Scott Joplin Harald Mueller 5027.mp3  
5028 Wiener Blut Waltz Johanne Strauss, Jr. Harald Mueller 5028.mp3  
5029 Angels We Have Heard on High     5029.mp3  
5030 Chim Chim Cher-ee Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman Wayne Holton 5030.mp3 From the movie Mary Poppins. Not available outside the US.
5031 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Ray Gilbert, Allie Wrubel Wayne Holton 5031.mp3 From the movie Song of the South. Not available outside the US.
5032 Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg Wayne Holton 5032.mp3 From the movie Wizard of Oz
5033 The Favorite Scott Joplin Harald Mueller 5033.mp3  
5034 The Chrysanthemum Scott Joplin Harald Mueller 5034.mp3  
5035 The Strenuous Life Scott Joplin Harald Mueller 5035.mp3  
5036 Radetzky March (for continuous play) Johanne Strauss, Sr. Harald Mueller 5036.mp3 Intended to be played continuously. Practice getting the song to restart “on the beat” the second, third, fourth time around!
5037 What Child is This? (Green-Sleeves)     5037.mp3  
5038 We Wish You a Merry Christmas     5038.mp3  
5039 Deck the Halls     5039.mp3  
5040 Music Box Dancer Frank Mills Wayne Holton 5040.mp3  
5041 Bolero Maurice Ravel Wayne Holton 5041.mp3 Written by Ravel as an experiment, an exersize in controlled monotony, it became a worldwide sensation.
5042 The Band Played On John Palmer, Charles B. Ward   5042.mp3  
5043 Leichtes Blut (for continuous play, very fast) Johanne Strauss, Jr. Harald Mueller 5043.mp3 Intended to be played continuously and very fast. Practice getting the song to restart “on the beat” the second, third, fourth time around!
5044 If I Only Had a Brain Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg   5044.mp3 From the movie Wizard of Oz
5045 Buffalo Gals Cool White (John Hodges)   5045.mp3  
5046 The Yellow Rose of Texas     5046.mp3  
5047 Make Me a Channel of Your Peace   Ray Steadman-Allen 5047.mp3  
5048 Music of the Night Andrew Lloyd Webber Wayne Holton 5048.mp3 from Phantom of the Opera
5049 You're the Flower of My Heart, Sweet Adeline Henry W. Armstrong   5049.mp3  
5050 The Merry Old Land of Oz Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg Wayne Holton 5050.mp3 From the movie Wizard of Oz
5051 Summertime George Gershwin Harald Mueller 5051.mp3  
5052 The Caisson Song Edmund L. Gruber Wayne Holton 5052.mp3  
5053 God Bless America Irving Berlin Wayne Holton 5053.mp3  
5054 The Wheels on the Bus   Harald Mueller 5054.mp3 The roller plays two verses perfectly timed so that you can repeat and play as many verses as you like.
5055 John Brown's Baby   Harald Mueller 5055.mp3 Break out the camphorated oil!
5056 I Love the Mountains   Harald Mueller 5056.mp3  
5057 Anchors Aweigh Charles A. Zimmermann, Alfred Hart Miles Wayne Holton 5057.mp3  
5058 Marine's Hymn   Wayne Holton 5058.mp3  
5059 Amazing Grace James P. Carrel, David S. Clayton Wayne Holton 5059.mp3  
5060 Away in a Manger James R. Murray? Wayne Holton 5060.mp3 Plays best on the Concert Roller organ.
5061 Go Tell it on the Mountain   Wayne Holton 5061.mp3 Plays best on the Concert Roller organ.
5062 's Wonderful George Gershwin Harald Mueller 5062.mp3  
5063 I Got Rhythm George Gershwin Harald Mueller 5063.mp3  
5064 Sweet and Low-Down George Gershwin Harald Mueller 5064.mp3 Plays best on the Concert Roller organ.
5065 Take Me Out to the Ballgame   Wayne Holton 5065.mp3  
5066 Yankee Doodle Boy George M. Cohan   5066.mp3  
5067 We're Off to See the Wizard Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg Wayne Holton 5067.mp3  
5068 Mickey Mouse March Jimmie Dodd Wayne Holton 5068.mp3 Plays best on the Concert Roller organ. Not available outside the US.
5069 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Frank Churchill Wayne Holton 5069.mp3  
5070 Whistle While You Work Frank Churchill Wayne Holton 5070.mp3 From the movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
5071 A Spoonful of Sugar Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman Wayne Holton 5071.mp3 From the Disney movie, Mary Poppins. Not available outside the US.
5072 Supercalifragilisticexpialidoceous Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman Wayne Holton 5072.mp3 From the Disney movie, Mary Poppins. Not available outside the US.
5073 Heigh-ho Frank Churchill Wayne Holton 5073.mp3 From the movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
5074 Play a Simple Melody (Primo) Irving Berlin Charles and Jessie Moore 5074.mp3 This is a "duet" roller to be played along with #5075 on two Gem or two Concert organettes. Play this one through then play #5075 and then play the two together. It takes a little practice for two people to keep the music synchronized but it can be done!
5075 Play a Simple Melody (Secondo) Irving Berlin Charles and Jessie Moore 5075.mp3 This is a "duet" roller to be played along with #5074 on two Gem or two Concert organettes. Play #5074 through then play this one and then play the two together. It takes a little practice for two people to keep the music synchronized but it can be done!
5076 It is Well With My Soul Philip P. Bliss, Horatio G. Spafford Wayne Holton 5076.mp3  
5077 Buttons and Bows Jay Livingston, Ray Evans Jessie Moore 5077.mp3 Oscar winner for Best Song from the 1948 movie "The Paleface" with Bob Hope and Jane Russell.
5078 Jingle Bell Rock J. Beal, J. Boothe Wayne Holton 5078.mp3 Plays best on the Concert Roller organ.
5079 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Meredith Wilson Wayne Holton 5079.mp3  
5080 Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da John Lenon, Paul McCartney Wayne Holton 5080.mp3  
5081 A Whole New World H. Ashman, A. Menken Wayne Holton 5081.mp3 From the Disney animated movie "Alladin". Not available outside the US.
5082 Hakuna Matata Elton John, Tim Rice Wayne Holton 5082.mp3 from the Disney movie "The Lion King". Not available outside the US.
5083 Winnie the Pooh Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman Wayne Holton 5083.mp3 Not available outside the US.
5084 The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman Wayne Holton 5084.mp3 Not available outside the US.
5085 Colors of the Wind A. Menken, S. Schwartz Wayne Holton 5085.mp3 To be played slowly. Plays best on the Concert or Chautauqua organs which have a larger air supply. Not available outside the US.
5086 Hearts and Flowers Theodore Moses Tobiani   5086.mp3  
5087 In My Merry Oldsmobile Gus Edwards, Vincent Bryan   5087.mp3  
5088 Give My Regards to Broadway George M. Cohan   5088.mp3  
5089 Beautiful Dreamer Stephen Foster   5089.mp3 Play slowly
5090 Meet Me in St. Louis Kerry Mills, Andrew B. Sterling Wayne Holton 5090.mp3 Featured in the 1944 musical "Meet Me in St. Louis"
5091 Under the Sea H. Ashman, A. Menken Wayne Holton 5091.mp3 From Disneys' "The Little Mermaid". Not available outside the US.
5092 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Mack David, Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston Wayne Holton 5092.mp3 from the 1950 Walt Disney film "Cinderella". Not available outside the US.
5093 The Ballad of Davy Crockett T. Blackburn, G. Bruns Wayne Holton 5093.mp3 Not available outside the US.
5094 The Bare Necessities Terry Gilkyson Wayne Holton 5094.mp3 Not available outside the US.
5095 You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly Sammy Cahn, Sammy Fain Wayne Holton 5095.mp3 from the Disney movie "Peter Pan". Not available outside the US.
5096 Skaters Waltz     5096.mp3  
5097 Blue Tango Leroy Anderson Wayne Holton 5097.mp3  
5098 Valencia Padilla, Boyer, Grey, Charles Wayne Holton 5098.mp3  
5099 Teddy Bears Picnic John W. Bratton, Jimmy Kennedy Wayne Holton 5099.mp3  
5100 Where Everybody Knows Your Name Gary Portnoy, Judy Hart Angelo Wayne Holton 5100.mp3 Theme song from "Cheers"
5101 Eleanor Rigby John Lennon, Paul McCartney Wayne Holton 5101.mp3  
5102 Yellow Submarine John Lennon, Paul McCartney Wayne Holton 5102.mp3  
5103 I Want to Hold Your Hand John Lennon, Paul McCartney Wayne Holton 5103.mp3  
5104 Hey Jude John Lenon, Paul McCartney Wayne Holton 5104.mp3  
5105 Michelle John Lennon, Paul McCartney Wayne Holton 5105.mp3  
5106 Somewhere My Love Maurice Jarre, Paul F. Webster Wayne Holton 5106.mp3  
5107 There's No Business Like Show Business Irving Berlin Wayne Holton 5107.mp3  
5108 Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Johnny Marks Wayne Holton 5108.mp3  
5109 San Antonio Rose Bob Wills Wayne Holton 5109.mp3  
5110 Cielito Lindo   Wayne Holton 5110.mp3  
5111 Jealousy Jacob Gade, Walter Paul, Vera Bloom Wayne Holton 5111.mp3  
5112 Blessed Assurance Phoebe P. Knapp, Fanny Crosby Wayne Holton 5112.mp3  
5113 Brighten the Corner Where You Are Charles H. Gabriel, Ina D. Ogdon   5113.mp3 An original version of this tune is reported to exist, roller number 76?. Have you seen an original of this roller?
5114 Holy, Holy, Holy John B. Dykes, Reginald Heber   5114.mp3  
5115 Blue Skirt Waltz V. Blaha, M. Parish Wayne Holton 5115.mp3  
5116 Gary Indiana Meredith Wilson Wayne Holton 5116.mp3 From "The Music Man"
5117 The Seven Joys of Mary   Timothy Baxter 5117.mp3  
5118 A Bird in a Gilded Cage Harry Von Tilzer, Arthur J. Lamb   5118.mp3  
5119 When I'm Sixty Four J. Lennon, P. McCartney Wayne Holton 5119.mp3  
5120 St. Louis Blues W. C. Handy Wayne Holton 5120.mp3  
5121 I Can't Help Falling in Love With You George Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore Wayne Holton 5121.mp3  
5122 Tomorrow (from "Annie") Charles Strouse, Martin Charnin Wayne Holton 5122.mp3  
5123 Those Were the Days, My Friend Gene Raskin Wayne Holton 5123.mp3  
5124 Goodnight My Someone Meredith Wilson Wayne Holton 5124.mp3 from "The Music Man"
5125 Aint She Sweet Milton Ager, Jack Yellen Wayne Holton 5125.mp3  
5126 Oklahoma Oscar Hammerstein II, R. Rodgers Wayne Holton 5126.mp3  
5127 Hello Dolly Jerry Herman Wayne Holton 5127.mp3  
5128 Carolina in the Morning Walter Donaldson, Gus Kahn Wayne Holton 5128.mp3  
5129 The Rose Amanda McBroom Wayne Holton 5129.mp3 Play slowly.
5130 Shenandoah     5130.mp3  
5131 Nadia's Theme Barry De Vorzon, Perry Botkin, Jr. Wayne Holton 5131.mp3 Play slowly.
5132 Lullaby of Broadway Al Dubin, Harry Warren Wayne Holton 5132.mp3  
5133 Morning Has Broken Eleanor Farjeon, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) Wayne Holton 5133.mp3  
5134 Down By the Old Mill Stream Tell Taylor   5134.mp3  
5135 K-K-K-Katy Geoffrey O'Hara   5135.mp3  
5136 Toyland Victor Herbert, Glen McDonough   5136.mp3 Play slowly
5137 Toot, Toot, Tootsie Gus Kahn, Ernie Erdman, Dan Russo Wayne Holton 5137.mp3  
5138 Three O'clock in the Morning Julian Robledo, Dorothy Terriss Wayne Holton 5138.mp3 Play the chimes slowly at the beginning.
5139 Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday… George W. Meyer, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young   5139.mp3 "…With Friday on Saturday Night", the title is too long! A novelty song from the 1916 Broadway show "Robinson Crusoe" starring Al Jolson.
5140 Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet Percy Wenrich, Stanley Murphy   5140.mp3  
5141 My Wild Irish Rose Chauncy Olcott Wayne Holton 5141.mp3  
5142 The Mansion of Aching Hearts Harry Von Tilzer, Arthur J. Lamb   5142.mp3  
5143 The First Nowell traditional English Wayne Holton 5143.mp3  
5144 Ave Maria - Gounod Gounod Wayne Holton 5144.mp3  
5145 The Navy Hymn John B. Dykes   5145.mp3  
5146 The Old Rugged Cross George Bennard Wayne Holton 5146.mp3  
5147 Open My Eyes, That I May See Clara H. Scott Wayne Holton 5147.mp3  
5148 He Lives On High Queen Liliuokalani, B. B. McKinney   5148.mp3  
5149 Whispering Hope Septimus Winner   5149.mp3  
5150 Spinning Song Albert Elmenreich   5150.mp3  
5151 Danse Macabre Saint-Saens Wayne Holton 5151.mp3  
5152 Minuet in G - Beethoven Beethoven Wayne Holton 5152.mp3  
5153 Minuet - Bach Bach Wayne Holton 5153.mp3  
5154 Musette - Bach Bach Wayne Holton 5154.mp3  
5155 Toreador Song, from Carmen Georges Bizet   5155.mp3 Slow down at the end of the introduction before the main theme.
5156 Nocturne - Borodin Borodin Wayne Holton 5156.mp3 Concert version - play slowly. Intended for play on a Concert style roller organ or a Gem organ in top condition.
5157 Good King Wenceslas   Wayne Holton 5157.mp3 Concert version - play slowly. Intended for play on a Concert style roller organ or a Gem organ in top condition.
5158 Here We Come A-Wassailing   Wayne Holton 5158.mp3  
5159 Gesu Bambino Pietro Alessandro Yon Wayne Holton 5159.mp3  
5160 Come, All Ye Shepherds Bohemian folk song Wayne Holton 5160.mp3  
5161 Sleigh Ride Leroy Anderson Wayne Holton 5161.mp3  
5162 The Chipmunk Song Ross Bagdasarian Wayne Holton 5162.mp3 Remember the Chipmunks singing "Christmas don't be late…"
5163 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas M. Martin, R. Blane Wayne Holton 5163.mp3  
5164 Silver Bells Jay Livingston, Ray Evans Wayne Holton 5164.mp3  
5165 White Christmas Irving Berlin Wayne Holton 5165.mp3 Not available outside the US.
5166 Little Drummer Boy   Wayne Holton 5166.mp3  
5167 La Rejouissance Handel Wayne Holton 5167.mp3 Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks
5168 Claire De Lune Claude Debussy Wayne Holton 5168.mp3  
5169 Orange Blossom Special E. T. Rouse, C. Wise Wayne Holton 5169.mp3  
5170 To a Wild Rose MacDowell Wayne Holton 5170.mp3 play slowly
5171 Blue Tail Fly   Wayne Holton 5171.mp3  
5172 Etude Op. 10 #3 Chopin Wayne Holton 5172.mp3 Concert version - play slowly. Intended for play on a Concert style roller organ or a Gem organ in top condition.
5173 Bach - March Bach Wayne Holton 5173.mp3  
5174 Old Comrades March   Wayne Holton 5174.mp3  
5175 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines Ron Goodwin Wayne Holton 5175.mp3  
5176 March of the Toys Victor Herbert Wayne Holton 5176.mp3  
5177 Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder     5177.mp3  
5178 Baby Face Benny Davis, Harry Akst Wayne Holton 5178.mp3  
5179 By the Light of the Silvery Moon E. Madden, Gus Edwards Wayne Holton 5179.mp3  
5180 Peg O' My Heart Fred Fisher Wayne Holton 5180.mp3  
5181 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen   Wayne Holton 5181.mp3  
5182 The Swan Camille Saint-Saens Wayne Holton 5182.mp3  
5183 Colonel Bogey March   Wayne Holton 5183.mp3  
5184 Gymnopedie #1 Erik Satie Wayne Holton 5184.mp3 continuous play
5185 Espana Emmanuel Chabrier Wayne Holton 5185.mp3  
5186 My Favorite Things O. Hammerstein, R. Rodgers Wayne Holton 5186.mp3 Not available outside the US.
5187 Op. 10 Elegie Jules Massenet Wayne Holton 5187.mp3  
5188 When Johnny Comes Marching Home   Wayne Holton 5188.mp3  
5189 Do You Hear What I Hear? N. Regney, G. Shayne Wayne Holton 5189.mp3  
5190 It Had to Be You Gus Kahn, Isham Jones Wayne Holton 5190.mp3  
5191 Strike Up the Band George and Ira Gershwin Wayne Holton 5191.mp3  
5192 Five Foot Two S. Lewis, J. Young, R. Henderson Wayne Holton 5192.mp3  
5193 Twelve Days of Christmas   Wayne Holton 5193.mp3  
5194 Carol of the Bells   Wayne Holton 5194.mp3  
5195 Yes Sir That's My Baby G. Kahn, W. Donaldson Wayne Holton 5195.mp3  
5196 Ma Con Conrad   5196.mp3  
5197 Happy Birthday Mildred J. Hill, Patty S. Hill Wayne Holton 5197.mp3  
5198 Puttin' on the Ritz Irving Berlin Wayne Holton 5198.mp3 Not available outside the US.
5199 The Ragtime Engineer Clay Smith   5199.mp3  
5200 American Patrol F. W. Meacham Wayne Holton 5200.mp3  
5201 Edelweiss Oscar Hammerstein II, R. Rodgers Wayne Holton 5201.mp3 Concert version - play slowly. Intended for play on a Concert style roller organ or a Gem organ in top condition. Not available outside the US.
5202 Liebestraum No. 3 Franz Liszt Wayne Holton 5202.mp3 Continuous play
5203 Rondo a Capriccio Beethoven Wayne Holton 5203.mp3 Rage over a Lost Penny
5204 Mozart Sonata in C, K545 Mozart Wayne Holton 5204.mp3  
5205 All Aboard for Dreamland Harry Von Tilzer   5205.mp3  
5206 The Picture of My Mother on the Wall Nellie Miles   5206.mp3  
5207 Serenade - Schubert Schubert Wayne Holton 5207.mp3  
5208 The Holly and the Ivy   Wayne Holton 5208.mp3  
5209 Carol of the Advent   Timothy Baxter 5209.mp3  
5210 Jolly Old St. Nick / Up on the Rooftop   Wayne Holton 5210.mp3  
5211 Gilligan's Island S. Schwartz, G. Wyle Wayne Holton 5211.mp3  
5212 Linus and Lucy Vince Guaraldi Wayne Holton 5212.mp3  
5213 Sesame Street Theme Raposo, Hart, Stone Wayne Holton 5213.mp3  
5214 Star Wars Theme John Williams Wayne Holton 5214.mp3  
5215 With Cat-like Tread Gilbert and Sullivan Wayne Holton 5215.mp3 The tune to "Hail Hail the Gangs all Here"
5216 Turkish March (Beethoven) Beethoven Wayne Holton 5216.mp3  
5217 Bridal Chorus - from Lohengrin Wagner Wayne Holton 5217.mp3  
5218 Hungarian Rhapsody #2 F. Liszt Wayne Holton 5218.mp3  
5219 When I Leave the World Behind Irving Berlin   5219.mp3  
5220 Alexander's Bagpipe Band Irving Berlin   5220.mp3  
5221 Ballin' the Jack Chris Smith Wayne Holton 5221.mp3  
5222 Camptown Races   Wayne Holton 5222.mp3  
5223 Swanee G. Gershwin Wayne Holton 5223.mp3  
5224 El Rancho Grande   Wayne Holton 5224.mp3  
5225 My Blue Heaven W. Donaldson, G. Whiting Wayne Holton 5225.mp3  
5226 Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head B. Bacharach, H. David Wayne Holton 5226.mp3  
5227 Around the World V. Young, H. Adamson Wayne Holton 5227.mp3  
5228 Charleston J. P. Johnson Wayne Holton 5228.mp3  
5229 Tea for Two V. Youmans, I. Caesar Wayne Holton 5229.mp3  
5230 California Here I Come George De Sylva Wayne Holton 5230.mp3  
5231 Ramona M. Wayne, L. W. Gilbert Wayne Holton 5231.mp3  
5232 Nola Felix Arndt Wayne Holton 5232.mp3  
5233 Liberty Bell March Sousa Wayne Holton 5233.mp3  
5234 Rokaczy March F. Liszt Wayne Holton 5234.mp3  
5235 Entry of the Gladiators J. Fucik Wayne Holton 5235.mp3  
5236 The Billboard March John Klohr Wayne Holton 5236.mp3  
5237 Barnum and Bailey's Favorite K. L. King Wayne Holton 5237.mp3  
5238 Zacatecas March Genaro Codina Wayne Holton 5238.mp3  
5239 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Leon Jessel Wayne Holton 5239.mp3  
5240 Thunderer March Sousa Wayne Holton 5240.mp3  
5241 Vivre en Amour Luc Cousineau   5241.mp3  
5242 Merrie Melodies F. Cantor, C. Tobias, M. Mencher Wayne Holton 5242.mp3  
5243 Twilight Time B. Ram, A. Nevin, M. Nevin, A, Dunn Wayne Holton 5243.mp3  
5244 I Could Have Danced All Night A. J. Lerner, F. Loewe Wayne Holton 5244.mp3  
5245 Bonanza Jay Livingston, Ray Evans Wayne Holton 5245.mp3  
5246 Don't Fence Me In Cole Porter Wayne Holton 5246.mp3  
5247 The Merry Go Round Broke Down D. Franklin, C. Friend Wayne Holton 5247.mp3  
5248 Espani Cani Pascual Marquina Wayne Holton 5248.mp3  
5249 Adams Family Vic Mizzy Wayne Holton 5249.mp3  
5250 Funeral of a Marionette Gounod Wayne Holton 5250.mp3 Remember Alfred Hitchcock
5251 Peter Contontail Steve Nelson, Jack Rollins Wayne Holton 5251.mp3  
5252 Wonderful Copenhagen Frank Loesser Wayne Holton 5252.mp3  
5253 Lassus Trombone Henry Fillmore Wayne Holton 5253.mp3  
5254 Yakety Sax R. Randolph, J. Rich   5254.mp3  
5255 Puff the Magic Dragon Peter Yarrow, Leonard Lipton Wayne Holton 5255.mp3  
5256 Waltz of the Flowers - Nutcracker Tchaikovsky Wayne Holton 5256.mp3  
5257 Trepak - Nutcracker Tchaikovsky Wayne Holton 5257.mp3  
5258 Nutcracker Overture Tchaikovsky Wayne Holton 5258.mp3  
5259 Happy Days are Here Again M. Ager, J. Yellen Wayne Holton 5259.mp3  
5260 When I Fall in Love Victor Young, Edward Heyman Wayne Holton 5260.mp3  
5261 Ragtime Cowboy Joe G. Clarke, L. Muir, M. Abrahams Wayne Holton 5261.mp3  
5262 Phantom of the Opera A. Lloyd-Webber, C. A. Hart, R. Stilgoe Wayne Holton 5262.mp3  
5263 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter Joe Young, Fred E. Alhert Wayne Holton 5263.mp3  
5264 Blow the Man Down / Drunken Sailor   Wayne Holton 5264.mp3  
5265 Begin the Beguin Cole Porter Wayne Holton 5265.mp3  
5266 My Happiness B. Bergantine, B. Peterson Wayne Holton 5266.mp3  
5267 Mah na Mah na P. Umilliani Wayne Holton 5267.mp3  
5268 I Love Paris Cole Porter Wayne Holton 5268.mp3  
5269 Easter Parade Irving Berlin Wayne Holton 5269.mp3  
5270 Chariots of Fire Papathanassiou Evanghelos Wayne Holton 5270.mp3  
5271 Funiculi Funicula Luigi Denza Wayne Holton 5271.mp3  
5272 Funeral March Chopin Wayne Holton 5272.mp3  
5273 Boogie Woogie Pinetop Smith Wayne Holton 5273.mp3  
5274 Three Coins in the Fountain J. Styne, S. Cahn Wayne Holton 5274.mp3  
5275 Canon Pachelbel Wayne Holton 5275.mp3  
5276 Melody Schumann   5276.mp3  
5277 Ballet Music from "Orpheus and Eurydice"     5277.mp3  
5278 Prelude in C Bach   5278.mp3  
5279 Dorothy (English Country Dance)     5279.mp3  
5280 Rockabye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody Jean Schwartz, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young Wayne Holton 5280.mp3  
5281 I Wish I Was in Dixie Land Daniel Decatur Emmett Wayne Holton 5281.mp3  
5282 Suwanee River Stephen Collins Foster Wayne Holton 5282.mp3  
5283 Battle Hymn of the Republic   Wayne Holton 5283.mp3  
5284 After the Ball is Over Charles K. Harris Wayne Holton 5284.mp3  
5285 Mary’s a Grand Old Name George M. Cohan Mary Wilcox 5285.mp3  
5286 Ida Sweet as Apple Cider Eddie Munson, Eddie Leonard   5286.mp3  
5287 I Don’t Care Harry O. Sutton, Jean Lenox   5287.mp3  
5288 Bedelia Jean Schwartz, William Jerome   5288.mp3  
5289 On a Sunday Afternoon Harry Von Tilzer, Andrew B. Sterling   5289.mp3  
5290 Let Me Call You Sweetheart Leo Friedman, Beth Slater Whitson   5290.mp3  
5291 I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl… Harry Von Tilzer, William Dillon   5291.mp3  
5292 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere J. S. Fearis, Jessie Brown Pounds   5292.mp3  
5293 Waiting for the Robert E. Lee Lewis F. Muir, L. Wolfe Gilbert Wayne Holton 5293.mp3  
5294 Mighty Lak a Rose Ethelbert Nevin, Frank L. Stanton   5294.mp3  
5295 I’ve Got Rings on My Fingers Maurice Scott   5295.mp3  
5296 I Love You Truly Carrie Jacobs-Bond   5296.mp3  
5297 When Irish Eyes are Smiling Ernest R. Ball, Chauncey Olcott, George Graff Jr.   5297.mp3  
5298 Come Josephine in My Flying Machine Fred Fischer, Alfred Bryan   5298.mp3  
5299 The Whistler and his Dog Arthur Pryor Wayne Holton 5299.mp3  
5300 Alice Blue Gown Harry Tierney, Joseph McCarthy Wayne Holton 5300.mp3  
5301 We Gather Together     5301.mp3  
5302 For the Beauty of the Earth Conrad Kocher   5302.mp3  
5303 All Things Bright and Beautiful     5303.mp3  
5304 Are Ye Able? Harry S. Mason   5304.mp3  
5305 All Glory, Laud and Honor Melchior Teschner   5305.mp3  
5306 Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn John Wainright   5306.mp3  
5307 Holy Spirit, Truth Divine Louis M. Gottschalk   5307.mp3  
5308 I am Thine, O Lord W. Howard Doane   5308.mp3  
5309 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling John Zundel   5309.mp3  
5310 O Word of God Incarnate Neuvermehrtes Gesangbuch   5310.mp3  
5311 For All the Saints Ralph Vaughan Williams   5311.mp3  
5312 Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart Arthur H. Messiter   5312.mp3  
5313 There is a Fountain Filled with Blood     5313.mp3  
5314 This is My Father's World     5314.mp3  
5315 Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne Timothy R. Matthews   5315.mp3  
5316 Truehearted, Wholehearted, Faithful and Loyal George C. Stebbins   5316.mp3  
5317 Hallelujah, 'tis Done! Philip P. Bliss   5317.mp3  
5318 Christ Arose! Robert Lowry   5318.mp3  
5319 Wonderful Words of Life Philip P. Bliss   5319.mp3  
5320 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come George J. Elvey   5320.mp3  
5321 Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain Arthur S. Sullivan   5321.mp3  
5322 Fairest Lord Jesus Schlesische Volkslieder   5322.mp3  
5323 Crown Him with Many Crowns George J. Elvey   5323.mp3  
5324 Near the Cross W. Howard Doane   5324.mp3  
5325 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise     5325.mp3  
5326 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing John Wyeth   5326.mp3  
5333 The Church's One Foundation Samuel S. Wesley   5333.mp3  
5334 A Mighty Fortress is Our God Martin Luther   5334.mp3  
5335 Grosser Gott, wir loben Dich Katholisches Gesangbuch   5335.mp3  
5336 Christ the Lord is Risen Today unknown   5336.mp3  
5337 I Come to the Garden Alone C. Austin Miles   5337.mp3  
5338 All Through the Night     5338.mp3  
5339 Blessed Assurance Phoebe P. Knapp   5339.mp3  
5401 Yes We Have No Bananas Irving Cohn, Frank Silver Wayne Holton 5401.mp3  
5402 Officer of the Day March R. B. Hall Wayne Holton 5402.mp3  
5403 Side by Side Harry Woods Wayne Holton 5403.mp3  
5404 We’re in the Money H. Warren, A. Dubin Wayne Holton 5404.mp3  
5405 Christmas Time Vince Guaraldi, Lee Mendelson Wayne Holton 5405.mp3  
5406 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Eddie Pola, George Wyle Wayne Holton 5406.mp3  
5407 Curious Story Stephen Heller   5407.mp3  
5408 Carousel Waltz Richard Rogers Wayne Holton 5408.mp3  
5409 Luna Park March Carl Frei Wayne Holton 5409.mp3  
5410 Shortnin’ Bread   Wayne Holton 5410.mp3  
5411 Following the Leader Winston Hibler   5411.mp3  
5412 Never Smile at a Crocodile Jack Lawrence, Frank E. Churchill   5412.mp3  
5413 Let’s Go Fly a Kite Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman   5413.mp3  
5414 Lavender Blue Larry Morey, Eliot Daniel   5414.mp3  
5415 Las Chiapanecas R. Ramirez Wayne Holton 5415.mp3  
5416 Third Man Theme Anton Karas Wayne Holton 5416.mp3  
5417 All I Ask of You (Phantom) Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Stilgoe, Charles Hart Wayne Holton 5417.mp3  
5418 Cruisin’ Down the River Eily Beadell, Nell Tollerton Wayne Holton 5418.mp3  
5419 The Old Piano Roll Blues Cy Coben Wayne Holton 5419.mp3  
5420 Music Music Music Stephan Weiss, Bernie Baum Wayne Holton 5420.mp3  
5421 Carmen Ohio     5421.mp3  
5422 Across the Field   Wayne Holton 5422.mp3  
5423 Hang On Sloopy   Wayne Holton 5423.mp3  
5424 Buckeye Battle Cry   Wayne Holton 5424.mp3  
5425 The Victors   Wayne Holton 5425.mp3  
5426 On Wisconsin   Wayne Holton 5426.mp3  
5427 Notre Dame Victory March   Wayne Holton 5427.mp3  
5428 Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech   Wayne Holton 5428.mp3  
5429 You are My Sunshine Jimmie Davis Wayne Holton 5429.mp3  
5430 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   Wayne Holton 5430.mp3  
5431 Pop Goes the Weasel   Wayne Holton 5431.mp3  
5432 Jack and Jill   Wayne Holton 5432.mp3  
5433 Old King Cole   Wayne Holton 5433.mp3  
5434 Hickory, Dickory, Dock   Wayne Holton 5434.mp3  
5435 Bunny Hop   Wayne Holton 5435.mp3  
5436 Hokey Pokey   Wayne Holton 5436.mp3  
5437 This Old Man   Wayne Holton 5437.mp3  
5438 This Land is Your Land Woodie Guthrie Wayne Holton 5438.mp3  
5439 Happy Christmas (War is Over) John Lennon Wayne Holton 5439.mp3  
5440 Cossack Patrol   Wayne Holton 5440.mp3  
5441 So Happy Together Garry Bonner, Allan Gordon Wayne Holton 5441.mp3  
5442 Chinese Dance - Nutcracker Tchaikovsky Wayne Holton 5442.mp3  
5443 March from the Nutcracker Tchaikovsky Wayne Holton 5443.mp3  
5444 Spanish Dance – Nutcracker Tchaikovsky Wayne Holton 5444.mp3  
5445 Pennies from Heaven Arthur Johnston, Jonny Burke Wayne Holton 5445.mp3  
5446 Silver Sleigh Bells ET Paul Wayne Holton 5446.mp3  
5447 Beautiful Day! Waltz Pietro Deiro Steven Conley 5447.mp3  
5448 We Don’t Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan   Wayne Holton 5448.mp3  
5449 Adventures in Paradise Lionel Newman Wayne Holton 5449.mp3  
5450 Waikiki Cummings Wayne Holton 5450.mp3  
5451 Hawaii Five-O Stevens Morton Wayne Holton 5451.mp3  
5452 Sankta Lucia     5452.mp3  
5453 Somewhere in My Memory John Williams,
Leslie Bricusse
Wayne Holton 5453.mp3  
5454 Bonnie Blue Flag   Wayne Holton 5454.mp3  
5455 Poker Face Stefani Germanotta, Nadir Khayat Wayne Holton 5455.mp3  
5456 Sweet Home Chicago Robert Leroy Johnson Wayne Holton 5456.mp3  
5457 Tom Bowling Charles Dibdin   5457.mp3  
5458 Heart of Oak William Boyce   5458.mp3  
5459 We Do Alf Clausen, John Swartzwelder   5459.mp3  
5460 Muss I Denn Friedrich Silcher   5460.mp3  
5461 Nobody’s Sweetheart Schoebel, Meyers, Erdman, Kahn   5461.mp3  
5462 Limehouse Blues Philip Braham, Douglas Furber   5462.mp3  
5463 Call Me Maybe Jepsen, Ramsay, Crowe   5463.mp3  
5464 Danny Boy   Wayne Holton 5464.mp3  
5465 Georgia on My Mind Hoagy Carmichael, Stuart Gorrell Wayne Holton 5465.mp3  
5466 The Sheik of Araby Ted Snyder, Smith, Wheeler Wayne Holton 5466.mp3  
5467 You’re Driving Me Crazy Walter Donaldson Wayne Holton 5467.mp3  
5468 Oh, Lady be Good George and Ira Gershwin Wayne Holton 5468.mp3  
5469 Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes   Wayne Holton 5469.mp3  
5470 Beale Street Blues W. C. Handy   5470.mp3  
5471 12th Street Rag Euday L. Bowman   5471.mp3  
5472 12th Street Rag part II Euday L. Bowman   5472.mp3  
5473 12th Street Rag part III Euday L. Bowman   5473.mp3  
5474 Basin Street Blues Spencer Williams Wayne Holton 5474.mp3  
5475 Mack the Knife Kurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht, Marc Blitzstein Wayne Holton 5475.mp3  
5476 Paragon Rag Scott Joplin Wayne Holton 5476.mp3  
5477 Sweet Georgia Brown Bernie, Pinkard, Casey Wayne Holton 5477.mp3  
5478 The Lambeth Walk Gay, Rose, Furber Wayne Holton 5478.mp3  
5479 House of the Rising Sun   Wayne Holton 5479.mp3  
5480 County House Rag   Wayne Holton 5480.mp3  
5481 Canadian Capers   Wayne Holton 5481.mp3  
5482 I Want to Go Back to Ohio State   Wayne Holton 5482.mp3  
5483 Folies Bergere Marsch Paul Lincke Wayne Holton 5483.mp3  
5484 New York, New York Fred Ebb, John Kander Wayne Holton 5484.mp3  
5485 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Don Raye, Hughie Prince Wayne Holton 5485.mp3  
5486 I’ve Got No Strings Ned Washington, Leigh Harline   5486.mp3  
5487 The Song from Moulin Rouge Ageron, Auric, Engvick Wayne Holton 5487.mp3  
5488 Sellenger’s Round I     5488.mp3 Play these four in sequence on two organs
5489 Sellenger’s Round II     5489.mp3  
5490 Sellenger’s Round III     5490.mp3  
5491 Sellenger’s Round IV     5491.mp3  
5492 Soft Kity Edith Newlin Wayne Holton 5492.mp3  
5493 Can Can Jacques Offenbach Wayne Holton 5493.mp3  
5494 Careless Love   Wayne Holton 5494.mp3  
5495 Floral Dance Kate Emily Barkley Moss Wayne Holton 5495.mp3  
5496 Pack Up Your Troubles George Henry Powell, Felix Powell Wayne Holton 5496.mp3  
5497 Tico Tico Zequinha de Abreu Wayne Holton 5497.mp3  
5498 Cantina Band John Williams Wayne Holton 5498.mp3  
5499 Heart and Soul Hoagy Carmichael,
Frank Loesser
Wayne Holton 5499.mp3  
5500 Unchained Melody H. Zaret, A. North Wayne Holton 5500.mp3  
5501 Linden Lea William Barnes, Ralph Vaughn Williams Wayne Holton 5501.mp3  
5502 Cherry Ripe     5502.mp3  
5503 High Society Rag Porter Steele Wayne Holton 5503.mp3  
5504 My Old Man Fred W. Leigh and Charles Collins Wayne Holton 5504.mp3  
5505 The Mans Don’t Work on Sunday Kevin Moore Wayne Holton 5505.mp3  
5506 Run Rabbit Run Gay, Butler Wayne Holton 5506.mp3  
5507 Now is the Hour Clement Scott Wayne Holton 5507.mp3  
5508 Eye Level Trombey Wayne Holton 5508.mp3  
5509 Cockles and Muscles   Wayne Holton 5509.mp3  
5510 Goodnight Irene   Wayne Holton 5510.mp3  
5511 Down by the Salley Gardens   Wayne Holton 5511.mp3  
5512 Rondo Alla Turca Mozart Wayne Holton 5512.mp3  
5513 Rondo Alla Turca II Mozart Wayne Holton 5513.mp3  
5514 Rock around the Clock Max Freedman, James Myers Wayne Holton 5514.mp3  
5515 My Dixie Darling A. P. Carter Wayne Holton 5515.mp3  
5516 Bless ‘Em All Hughes, Lake, Stillman Wayne Holton 5516.mp3  
5517 Roses of Picardy Frederick Weatherly, Haydn Wood Wayne Holton 5517.mp3  
5518 London’s Burning   Wayne Holton 5518.mp3  
5519 We’re Going to Hang out the Washing on the Siegfried Line Jimmy Kennedy, Michael Carr 5519.mp3  
5520 There’ll Always be an England Hughie Parker, Ross Charles 5520.mp3  
5521 The Last Thing on my Mind Tom Paxton 5521.mp3  
5522 Blowin’ in the Wind Bob Dylan Wayne Holton 5522.mp3  
5523 The Times They are A-Changin’ Bob Dylan Wayne Holton 5523.mp3  
5524 Mr. Tambourine Man Bob Dylan Wayne Holton 5524.mp3  
5525 Where Have All the Flowers Gone Pete Seeger Wayne Holton 5525.mp3  
5526 Fraidy Cat 5526.mp3