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Honor Rolls is closed each year from May through August for the summer break and December/January for the Holidays.
If all goes well, Honor Rolls and Vintage Musicals will be represented at the Union Phonograph Show in June, front corner by the bar. Hope to see you there.

New! Richard Dutton's Roller Organ Cob Handbook, now actively under construction at the The Roller Organ Cobograpy.

Also New! Autophone Music Strips are now available from Vintage Musicals. Perfect reproductions of original tunes for the 22 and 32 note Autophone Organettes.

Honor Rolls offers a selection of new music and reproduction rollers for the Gem and Concert Roller Organs.

The new rollers are manufactured with pins inserted to a near uniform radius

 and aligned precisely along the correct spiral path. The Gem rollers come in a

 custom slide box for easy stacking and identification.


For more information on Roller Organs, visit  Todd Augsburger's Roller Organ Website.

For Roller Organ spare parts, roller boxes, etc. go to Roller Organ Repair & Restorations

New and Reproduction Gem Rollers

Honor Rolls new original Gem rollers are expertly arranged and manufactured selections of new and old music. Honor Rolls reproduction rollers are faithfully pinned copies of an original roller. The rollers come in a sturdy labeled slide box for easy storage. Click the Gem Rollers button for ordering information and to access a list of titles. You can also download and listen to recordings of the new original rollers playing on a Gem or Concert Roller organ.

A reproduction of roller number 255, Rock-a-Bye Baby.

Copyright Information

Considerable effort has gone in to obtaining the required mechanical licensing rights to make the new rollers (recordings) using copyrighted tunes. If there has been any error or omission, please contact Honor Rolls. The actual rollers are covered by copyright as a “phonorecord”. The roller is an original recording of a copyrighted or public domain tune that has been adapted to the roller organ. Please note that the downloadable recordings of the tunes are provided for the purpose of evaluation of the new rollers. As many of the tunes are covered by copyrights, these recordings should not be used for public performances, or for private performances other than for evaluation of the new rollers.


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